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Greetings! My name is Robert Noakes, and I am a highly skilled WordPress Consultant offering a comprehensive range of services. With a solid background in web development since the mid-1999s, I have been primarily dedicated to WordPress development since early 2011.

While I initially focused on custom theme creation, I expanded my expertise to include the development of both free WordPress plugins and premium WordPress extensions. Since 2016, I have devoted significant attention to plugin development, leveraging it as an effective means to showcase my capabilities as a WordPress developer.

Rest assured, my commitment to delivering billable work of the highest quality remains paramount. However, I am also actively engaged in ongoing plugin development, ensuring that I stay at the forefront of the WordPress ecosystem.

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Progressing Free WordPress Plugins

As a dedicated consultant, my workload experiences fluctuations throughout different periods. During moments of availability, I devote my attention to enhancing my existing WordPress themes, crafting innovative WordPress plugins, and constructing personal websites, such as this one. The development of free plugins arises from the identification of unmet needs within the WordPress core. While not billable, this endeavor serves as an invaluable opportunity to acquire new techniques for refining overall WordPress development and enhancing future sites and plugins.

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In Need of Assistance for Your WordPress Plugin or Site?

I am always available to take on new and exciting WordPress projects. Here are some areas where I can provide expert support:

  • Plugin and Extension Development
  • Custom Theme Development for Redesigns
  • WordPress Site Rebuilds for Modernization
  • Installation of Purchased Themes and Demo Content Import
  • Content Localization utilizing WPML or TranslatePress (translation services excluded)
  • Website Security Implementation with iThemes Security
  • Site Speed Optimization leveraging Lighthouse & GTmetrix (excluding third-party embeds)
  • SEO-Readiness Enhancement with Yoast SEO (content refinement remains your responsibility)
  • My skillset encompasses a wide range of technologies, including PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, jQuery, Node.js, gulp, Git, SVN, as well as proficiency in applications like Dreamweaver, Poedit, Sourcetree, and more.

For further information, please visit my primary website:

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