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My name is Robert Noakes and I am a WordPress Consultant. I develop custom themes, free WordPress plugins and paid WordPress extensions. I’ve been doing web development professionally since mid 1999 and have been focused primarily on WordPress development since early 2011.

I didn’t start developing WordPress plugins until 2016, but I’ve been focusing more heavily on plugin development since then. They are a good way to highlight my capabilities as a WordPress developer. Billable work will always be the priority since the bills do still have to be paid, but I will continue plugin development for the foreseeable future.

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Developing Free WordPress Plugins

As a consultant, there are times when I’m busy and times when I’m not. When I’m not busy, I focus on improving my WordPress themes, developing WordPress plugins and building my personal sites (like this one). I develop free plugins when I identify a need that’s not provided by the WordPress core. Though it’s not billable, it does allow me to learn new methods for better overall WordPress development and improve my future sites and plugins.

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Need Help with Your WordPress Plugin or Site?

I always open to taking on new WordPress projects. I can assist with things like:

  • Plugin & Extension Development
  • Custom Theme Development for Redesigns
  • WordPress Site Rebuilds for Modernization
  • Purchased Theme Installation & Demo Content Import
  • Content Localization Using WPML or TranslatePress (translation is up to you)
  • Website Security Using iThemes Security
  • Site Speed Optimization Using Lighthouse & GTmetrix (excluding third-party embeds)
  • SEO-Readiness Using Yoast SEO (wordsmithing is up to you)

I’m well-versed in PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, jQuery, Node.js, Gulp, Git, SVN and various applications like Dreamweaver, Poedit, Sourcetree and more.

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